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Tourism in Russia is a growing sector of the Russian economy. According to the World Tourism Organization, Russia is one of the leading countries in the world within the international tourism. During 2014 Russia has welcomed around 28 million international visitors (9th place in the world).

The rich cultural heritage and natural diversity puts Russia at a prominent place in the world among countries with the potential growth of tourism. There are 26 UNESCO World Heritage sites there. Different regions and ethnic groups in Russia have a wide variety of traditions.

Major tourist routes in Russia include a visit to

It's hard to imagine something more complex, diverse and multi-component than the huge vast Russia to describe.

Here you find an old Russian capital, St. Petersburg with its rigorous spirit and elegant architecture.

And you will not miss a widely merchant, always carousing and still famous for its domes, headed by Ivan the Great bell tower, now the official capital - Moscow.

Do not forget the cradle of Russian statehood - ancient Novgorod and ever military and boundary Pskov, the Volga towns - Yaroslavl


and the famous "Russian pocket" - Nizhny Novgorod.

As well as the great Siberian expanses with a variety of natural attractions and ancient cities that seem completely beyond the limits of the Far East, so rich in beauty, natural resources and harsh climate. Russia is so big and diverse that everyone will find here something interesting just for himself.

Both capitals attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from year to year as a magnet. Museums, art galleries, palaces, churches, monasteries, monuments, historic buildings, gardens and parks, theatres and concert halls, skating rinks, and water parks - all of these is in abundance, both in northern and official capitals. To take part in all available excursions is impossible.

The suburbs of St. Petersburg (Tsarskoye Selo, Pavlovsk, Lomonosov, Peterhof) require a special attention.

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